Continuity, Subscription and Club Fulfillment

BMI has custom-built systems for clients at many of the major Continuity, Subscription and Club marketing organizations in the U.S. and Europe. We’ve worked closely with them to implement the best features, build the best reports and overcome problems associated with previously installed systems. BMI Global-OMS®, our “best of breed” platform, offers unmatched flexibility – not just for the most commonly required functions, but for unique requirements based on each client’s marketing strategy, challenges and opportunities.

Our custom systems approach means we never have to say no when a client asks for something new.

  • Single system that can handle both continuity and one-shot/catalog sales
  • Multiple continuity & catalog orders under a single master customer account
  • Unlimited number of different continuity series within a single system
  • Unlimited options for variable offers/pricing/incentives within a single continuity program
  • Variable priced items within a single continuity series
  • Conversion options/incentives for quantity, auto-billing, other
  • Premium fulfillment: Sent after nth shipment, with first paid shipment, etc.
  • Variable shipping frequency/quantity/product selection at the customer level
  • Multiple payment options: Bill with ship, variable credit rules, auto-cc bill
  • Installment billing options within a continuity series
  • Load-ups (to combine all or some of the items into a single shipment, with variable payment options)
  • Negative option, positive option or until-forbid programs
  • Online access to customized web content/video streaming/downloads
  • Collectibles, Neutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Apparel
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Loyalty clubs
  • Revealed and unrevealed continuity options
  • Automatic replenishment programs
  • Additional systems functions can be created to meet your changing requirements.
collectibles, auto replenishment, loyalty clubs, newsletter subscriptions